Reports to the Congregation

Highlights of activities, 2017: Together we:

  • are making ourselves more known to local institutions businesses and neighbours
  • Instigated and encourage James Bay Children's Choir which has grown to 13 members
  • began an Open Doors programme on Thrift Shop Fridays
  • supported our neighbourhood Victoria Health Co-Op
  • Imagined and presented: The Christmas Story for First TIme Listeners, to engage children age 4 to 7
  • Imagined and selected Walk to Church This Christmas Eve as our invitation to our neighbours and visitors and added a 7 pm service to the traditional 10 pm
  • Invited a Jerk Church to JBUC for a unique blending of socializing, music and a meal
  • are partnering with other community organizers to bring neighbourhood Window Wanderland art display to James Bay
  • planned and hosted a Labyrinth Walk for the neighbourhood during Epiphany
  • are planning an neighbourhood focused Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner in partnershiP with Discovery Coffee and the Red Barn Market.