Not long ago we received notice that we were chosen as one of 13 choirs across the country to receive a "Laura Hawley Micro-grant for Canadian Choirs". This was exciting news for us, and allowed us to continue working on a project that we started back in September. 

You may know that the JBCC has been rehearsing online since last April (with 2 months break in the summer) and we have 17 children and youth who participate regularly.  During this past year we have been able to invite two composers to visit us during our Zoom rehearsals -- Mark Sirett from Kingston, Ontario, and Karen Linford from California.

The older singers are learning a song written by Karen Linford:  Here I Stand with words by Malala Yousafzai

"Our words can change the world,
It is our right to sing,
We will bring change through our voices.
There is light when we see darkness,
There’s a voice when we are silenced,
There are pens and books when we see guns,
Be peaceful and love everyone."

We look forward to singing that song for you in our next live concert.

Special Project:

Mark Sirett wrote the song "Where Go the Boats" with the words of Robert Louis Stevenson's poem. The children are using this song for our project. Each child will record their voice part at home, then the recordings will be edited by Rupert, older brother of one of our singers. To make this project even more special, the children are sending me either artwork or a photograph of a boat, or other image found in the song. These will be combined in a slide-show, and put together with the audio recording. We look forward to sharing that with you in June.

I am including some of the artwork for you to enjoy. We really miss singing in person, but until then will be creative in working on ways to stay together as a community. Thank you for your ongoing moral support!


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