JBUC Board Meeting Summary
May 31, 2022

The Board Meeting was filled with challenging work and sparks of hope. While still being careful, we are hoping that some events can begin to happen to connect us socially as well as at worship services, especially as the weather invites us to be outdoors. We continue to be very grateful for the work of the Thrift Shop and are seeking means to enable volunteers to feel safe and comfortable in their work. The finances are doing well although some budget lines are a bit ahead of schedule in terms of spending—and some in terms of income. Because of the budget accepted by the congregation at the Annual Meeting, we are exploring avenues for fundraising. Our initial plans are to hear stories from congregation and community members about how JBUC has influenced them, and out of the stories to create a pamphlet for distribution in the community about our work and faith and including options for giving to support the church. Our work toward staffing is moving along looking at re-configuring the current job into several contract positions to work at specific things that are important to us as a church (e.g. communication, Social Justice, the arts….) 

In light of the in-person and Zoom meetings on May 15 about the City of Victoria’s Reconciliation Grant, it was determined that the Board will give $100 from the Social Justice Budget. As well individual donations can be given to the church (by cheque clearly marked for Reconciliation Grant) at the June 19 service which is the Sunday closest to Indigenous Day of Prayer. 

James Bay United Church Board Meeting Summary
May 17, 2022

If you were asked, “What are the assets of James Bay United Church?” what would you include in your list? The board started its meeting with this question and quickly came up with a list of 15 items including our building, the people connected with JBUC through Sunday morning, Tuesday Night Jazz and the Thrift Shop, our ministers, our location, and many more! As we go into the future, we need to make good use of these assets to continue to Open Doors to God’s Love in the many faceted ways possible. 

We have moved along on the work to determine the best kind of staff person/people to help us do this. We have talked with enthusiasm about staff related to:

 Neighborhood Engagement/Social Justice, 
Thrift Shop, 
Volunteer Coordination, 
Arts Ministry. 
The next step determining our priorities for staff and looking at our resources for the next few years.