What’s happening for Sunday worship?

May 27:  Singing our Faith; June 3,10: Rev Joan Scandrett

June 17: Lay leadership celebrating 30th anniversary of the United Church’s welcome of LGBTQ people into full membership; June 24: Mary Wolfe preaching

July services:  7pm  Rev Sharon Moon & various musicians

August 5,12,19  Rev’s Duncan and Beverley McLean

Will someone be available for pastoral care?

Yes. In June, Rev Joan Scandrett will be available 2 part days each week, and on call in case of emergency.

In July, Rev Sharon Moon will be available 1 half day each week, and on call in case of emergency.

In August, Rev’s Duncan and Beverley McLean will be on call.

We’re hearing July is all about music. What about worship?

These services will be different in form and style to our regular Sunday morning services.  Music will be a key ingredient ... different musicians, different kinds of music each week.  AND scripture, reflection, prayer will be at the heart of these services too.

Will there be an after-service gathering time in the summer?

Yes. In June and August, you can anticipate lemonade on the back patio. In July, we’ll be out on the front patio.

What are the part-time ministers going to be doing?

In June, Joan Scandrett will be available two half days per week for pastoral care, administrative guidance, to convene a mid-week conversation, and to finalize details for Sunday worship (including touching base with the guest preachers and lay leaders).

In July, Sharon Moon will be available two half days per week for pastoral care and administrative guidance and worship planning.

In August, Duncan and Beverley McLean will be available for pastoral care and administrative guidance.

How are we paying for all this?

In our budget for 2018, we set aside $7000 to pay for Sunday worship leadership and part-time mid-week coverage for our Minister while she is on sabbatical. The Congregation approved the budget at our AGM in February.

What can members of the Congregation do to help make this a success?

We would like members of the congregation to be talking to their friends and neighbours about our July evening services and inviting them. For our worship services, we need volunteers to help in greeting, hospitality, and readings.

How do I find out more about how I might get involved?

Please speak to Cheryl Caldwell (Board Chair) or any other member of the Board -  Doug Lunam, Cheryl Macpherson, Duncan McLean, Karuen Pollett, Kathie Putt, Louise n’ha Ruby. They would be happy to answer any questions and to organize any training that might be required.

When would the training happen?

We are looking at holding informal workshops after service during the coffee hour in the coming weeks. We can also organize individual training if that is better for someone. 

How are we letting people in the neighbourhood know about what’s happening here in July?

Gordon Miller will be coordinating all of the communication related to our July services. This will include advertising, invitations for Congregation members to pass along to friends and neighbours, and contacting other churches to spread the word.  We’ll provide information to our volunteers at the Thrift Shop to share with customers. Our website and Facebook page will highlight our July services. And our new sign will play a big role in communicating what is going on