This week marks yet another shift in our experience of Sunday service.

It’s the first time since March 15th that any of us will gather for worship in the Sanctuary. There will be a whole new way to go about that. It’s the first time ever that we will live-steam the service from the Sanctuary.  So from wherever you are meeting up this Sunday, it will be new for all of us.  And new means we’ll be learning as we go.  So thanks in advance for your patience, your encouragement, and your constructive feedback!  

At this point, 40 people have chosen to give the in-person option a try.  So we are beginning with 2 groups of 20 people on alternating Sundays.  If you haven’t had a chance to indicate your wish, and would like to be on that list, please contact Karen by email.

For those coming to the Sanctuary, here are a few important things to note:

As with entering every other public space, the 6 foot physical distancing applies.  Please observe the spacing lines you’ll see as you approach the building.

Others may arrive ahead of you, so best to anticipate a possible waiting time  --we’ll make it as brief as possible.   Come with a warm coat … umbrella … whatever you need. 

Remember to come to the door by which you are asked to enter.

Please arrive wearing your mask, and keep it on through the duration of the service and your departure.

You will be welcomed at the door by a Greeter who will ask you the COVID questions, spray your hands with hand sanitizer, and then pass you along to an Usher who will guide you to a specific seat.  Make yourself at home, in your seat!

Because our seating capacity is limited, we need to know in advance who is coming.  So unlike former times when you could spontaneously invite a friend, that will not be possible for the time being.  If there is someone you wish to accompany you, that will indeed be possible. We just need to know ahead of time so please contact Colleen Nichol.