Music Ministry Town Hall Follow-Up

We’re on our way! Here’s a sampling of responses people offered to 3 key questions the Visioning Team brought to our first Town Hall meeting.  

We wonder if they might further spark your own reflection as we make our way into this season of discernment.

1.  What signs would you be looking for in a person’s leadership that would enable the music to:

  a) move you
  b) enhance your experience of & connection with the Holy
  c) enhance our connection with one another

“They’ve made thoughtful choices of music that are relevant to and integrated with the message.”
“The person reflects a soulful connection with the music.”
“They live their spirituality through music.”

2.  What signs would you be looking for in a person’s leadership that demonstrates their capacity to draw forth the musical gifts of others and create a sense of community amongst those people?

“The person actively looks for people to participate, and is open to what others have to offer.”
“The leader can engage, excite and involve the congregation.”
“The person is proactive and helps people to feel comfortable / valued/ prepared and able to give it their best”

3.  What signs would you be looking for that this person embodies and resonates with the heart of the Gospel and the mission of James Bay United Church: “opening doors to God’s love”?

“The person is genuine, loving, respectful.”
“The person introduces stories from their own experience when speaking.”
“Lots of people already have come to JBUC from all kinds of backgrounds. Therefore there would be a mix of musical styles and genres representative of who we all are.”

It is our hope — our fervent encouragement, in fact! — that you would make it a practice from week to week to take time to reflect on and jot notes about your experience.  

We pray that this will not only help you track what you are experiencing, but that it will indeed enrich your time of worship.  AND these notes will be invaluable for our next gathering when we will be looking for collective trends. 

We recognize that more questions will likely arise as this season of exploration evolves.  But we trust this will provide each of us with a good start. 

So, to help you into this weekly discerning process:

• As you enter into each service, remind yourself of the three questions to help you be mindful of your experience
• Afterwards make note of what you experienced
• Finally, take time to reflect on and journal how your experience ‘jived’ (or didn’t) with your responses to the questions. What does it tell you about yourself?  What questions have been raised for you?

REMEMBER!  The members of the Music Ministry Visioning Team are open to hearing from you.  No need to wait for our next Town Hall!

Colleen Nichol (chair), Gary Brandstadt, Karen Dickey, 
Judy Kzresowski, Cheryl Macpherson, Karla Weir, Karla Willems

We believe there is a powerful role for music in communicating the Gospel and the mission of James Bay United Church, “Opening doors to God’s love”.  

Therefore: Our music ministry, through its wide open welcome, range of styles, expression of a generous and challenging theology, will stretch and strengthen us in living out our mission.

James Bay United Church

We look forward to creating opportunities to be attentive 
to our collective experience.