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Connect your JOY with known NEEDS

Connect your JOY with known NEEDS Gardening Group: be part of a team who meet regularly to tend the church gardens and have coffee together - contact Bev Tracey 250 592 5931 Lunch makers: join the roster of... Read More

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Keeping in Touch - September 16

Good morning, James Bay United Church, Gratitude abounds this morning as I come to jot this note.   Big THANKS to everyone who made last Sunday's Welcome Feast such a fine celebration.  The newly created area to... Read More

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Keeping in Touch - September 8, 2017

Good afternoon, James Bay United Church, Big day around 511 and 517 Michigan St today. The Thrift Shop is abuzz with staff and shoppers undeterred by cloudy skies and damp air. (Volunteers are doing a great job... Read More

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UPDATE on local trips

Hello Everyone,The first fall bus trip just rolled out of the driveway this morning so I thought this would be a perfect time for an update. We have added a couple extra trips to accommodate the waitlists. These are... Read More

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Keeping in Touch -- August 31, 2017

 Good evening, James Bay United Church, There’s something about standing on this August / September threshold that feels different than other month end / new month junctures in the year. While it’s been a summer... Read More

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Afternoon Concerts in the Park

1:30 p.m. – 3:20 p.m. September1 Joal Kamps Folk-Pop2 Mufaro Marimba World/African3 Yiddish Columbia State Orchestra Klezmer/Swing4 Dug Nugget Folk/Bluegrass/Rock 8 Sam Cave Acoustic Soul9 Luke Wallace Environmental... Read More

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Our Place

FALL AND WINTER IS ON THE WAY! WE NEED CLOTHES FOR OUR FAMILY!Presently we are very low on clothes for both men and women. With winter coming please check your closets for gently used coats, scarves, toques, gloves,... Read More

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Summer Saturdays Finale

September 2 will be the final Saturday sale of the 2017 summer season. Open 10-1PM. Join us Fridays 10-2PM. Read More

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Communion Service August 27th Morning Worship Service.

The table is wide open! There's always room for one more as we gather not only to remember those gatherings where Jesus sat down with sinners and saints, but at this table, on this day, in this place, in the sharing... Read More


James Bay Resources and Information.

Capital Park Victoria. Our neighbour on Michigan St.  The James Bay Beacon is a monthly newspaper. It is a community-based publication, welcoming articles from virtually everyone in the neighbourhood. This is a... Read More