Board Update

Summary of James Bay United Church Board Meeting
July 23, 2020

The Board met in the Lower Hall of the church building, using all the needed safety precautions.

The Board received numerous reports at this meeting. We are grateful the Thrift Shop has prepared well and is slowly moving forward on its re-opening plan. We heard about the group that has gathered using the 30 Day Pivot program. Thanks to all who completed the survey: four of the six suggested initiatives had people willing to work on them, with the first being the patio pop-up music on Saturday. More will happen! We accepted a recommendation from the Trustees not to lease our parking lot during the construction phase of a nearby development. We received reports from Pastoral Care, Ministry and Personnel, and Safety Teams about their ongoing work. We are especially grateful for the work Cheryl Caldwell and Vanya Smith do for the financial management of the church. The wage subsidy from the Federal Government will continue through December but with different criteria than previously. This helps to pay salaries, but not contract workers or other expenses. We have been missing the income from the Thrift Shop and rentals which normally help to cover a large portion of our expenses. Our next meeting will examine the necessary expenditures for the rest of the year.

Prayers continue to be with Gordon Miller.

If you would like further information or to see the full minutes, please contact Cheryl Caldwell or Charlotte Caron.