James Bay United Church Board Meeting Summary
August 30, 2022

Congratulations were given for all the workers and great fun at the Community Picnic
on Sunday. It was a fine event engaging many people from the community and with lots
of help from church people.
Contracts for our new workers were discussed again. We are pleased to report that
Christine Chepyha has been contracted to be Communications Coordinator for the
coming year. She filled in last year when Gordon was on medical leave so is familiar with
the work. There will be opportunity for the congregation to meet Christine, Sinan
Demeril, and Kelby MacNayr one Sunday in September.
Besides the Communications contract, Christine will continue to work with the
Community Choir which will be starting up again for a new season quite soon.
The Thrift Shop continues to thrive, bringing pleasure to volunteers and to customers as
well as assisting the church to meet its budget obligations. We are grateful for their
Along with the delight of preparing for our new workers and fall programs, the Board
deals with things like getting email systems updated, receiving reports from various
Teams that keep the church going and other administrative tasks.

James Bay United Church Board Meeting Summary
August 9, 2022

The Board met to deal with a variety of things related to the upcoming season. Primarily we sorted the job contracts for new staff members (Kelby MacNayr for the Arts Ministry and Sinan Demeril for Social Justice). We are working to get a Communications person in place and are hopeful that an announcement may be made soon.

All of this is, of course, the result of Gordon Miller’s retirement. We recognize the diverse and extensive work that Gordon has done in the James Bay Community and with the church. So much changed during his five years—especially the changes brought by the pandemic and his leadership into the technological world of live-streamed services, email newsletter and social media connections. His adaptability has enabled us to function in new ways.

We are excited that the Community Choir is starting up again under the leadership of Christine Chepyha. Watch the newsletter for more details regarding registration for the fall.

A report was also received from Sarah Hovey regarding the Art/Creativity workshops she has started. We are grateful for these rich aspects in our Arts Ministry.

Doug Lunam continues to do birthday phone calls on behalf of the Pastoral Care Team . We are eager to add new participants in the church to his birthday call list.

And to close on an equally positive note, our financial situation continues to hold its own. We are grateful for the generosity of the donors (including the Thrift Shop) for the resources to carry on the ministries of James Bay United Church.


Staffing Announcement

As we anticipate Gordon’s retirement this Fall, we are excited to announce that we are moving forward with a plan to enable JBUC to grow the significant work started with the Communications and Neighbourhood Engagement position over the past few years.

Many of the small groups at the Annual Meeting said that they thought the job needed to be divided. So three part-time people will be hired, starting with one-year contracts — one in the area of Social Justice Ministry, one in the Arts, and one in Communications.

The Board had an opportunity to meet with Kelby MacNayr and Sinan Demeril and through our fruitful conversation with them, the Board has determined that they will fill two of these one-year positions.

Kelby has been very involved in curating Tuesday Night Jazz and is excited about potentials for advancing the Arts Ministry. He comes with an impressive range of networking connections combined with a wonderfully creative imagination and energy for expanding and enriching this valuable JBUC ministry.

Sinan is social justice activist with a vast experience in working with grassroots groups to address homelessness in Canada and the US. He now lives in James Bay and is deeply passionate about making a positive difference in his own community. He will be a highly effective person in our Social Justice Ministry position.

The Communications position is still in the works. But in the meantime, keep your eyes open for an announcement about a late summer picnic for the congregation to get to know these people.

Summary of James Bay United Church Board Meeting
June 24, 2022

The Board was pleased with the Reconciliation Grant service on June 19. Thirty-five people put slips onto the offering plate naming their commitments toward reconciliation with First Nations people, plus there were many donation envelopes. Some people who did not bring offerings wanted to add their donations so the money will be forwarded this week to the City Family and we will learn the amount at that time.

The Worship Team is busy preparing for summer services. Karen Dickey will be on holidays from after the first Sunday in July until the second Sunday in August. Jennifer Turner will also have a break. Fortunately we will have a rich variety of people will be sharing in the worship leadership.

The Board has determined that three one-year contracts will be offered to continue the work started with the Communications and Neighborhood Engagement position over the past few years.

The budget passed by the congregation at its Annual Meeting requires us to raise a substantial amount of money for our many ministries in the church, in the community and on-line. We are planning that September will be a time of reflection about how it matters that JBUC is in this place in the past, present and future with a special stewardship service at Thanksgiving.

Blessings as we live into the summer season know in the church year as “ordinary time.”