The Board is a group of gifted leaders, elected by the congregation, who help the congregation discern priorities and take action. Members of the Board oversee all aspects of the congregation's life.

Minutes for all posted documents in chronological order is available (see sidebar index) or scroll down to the bottom of this page for recent minutes. 

Current Board

Karen Dickey (Minister), Suzanne Lawrence (Member at Large), Cheryl Macpherson (Worship), Cheryl Caldwell (Chair and Treasurer), Terisa Klassen (Member at Large), Martin Stewart (M and P), Doug Lunam (Pastoral Care) and Kathie Putt (Secretary)


2018 Board


2017 Board  

Duncan McLean, Margaret Lunam, Doug Lunam, Jeremy Williams
Kathie Putt, Cheryl Mcpherson, Cheryl Caldwell, Karen Dickey

Board Members 2017


  • Chair: Rotating
  • Finance: Cheryl Caldwell
  • Lifelong Learning: Vacant
  • Member at Large:Jeremy Williams
  • Member at Large: Reverand Duncan McLean
  • Minister:Reverend Karen Dickey
  • Ministry & Personnel:Kathy Putt.
  • Pastoral Care:Doug Lunam
  • Property:Reverend Beverley Tracey
  • Recorder:Rotating
  • Thrift Shop:Marg Lunam
  • Tuesday Morning Outreach: Sylvia Scott (Corresponding Member)
  • Worship:Cheryl Mcpherson 

The annual general meeting is held in February with congregational meetings called throughout the year for elections, consultation and decisions. 

Scroll down for recent meeting minutes & Board publications. There is an archive of all Board website published documents. JBUC Board Minutes prior to September, 2016, are available in the office.

JBUC belongs regionally to the Victoria Presbytery and nationally to the United Church of Canada