Board Update
Summary JBUC Board Meeting ~ February 18, 2021

Each month the Board has a block of time (usually the first hour of the meeting) to focus in on a particular issue. Last month it was the budget. This month we began to explore what “Growing the Church” might mean to JBUC. People from the community are expressing interest in the church because of the work being done to form relationships with the unhoused. A major question is how we can deepen the connections so that people will want to continue to align themselves with JBUC. How can each of us contribute to strengthening of people’s service to what gives life?

The Annual Reports are all in now. At our March Meeting we will sort out how to distribute the Reports and conduct the Annual Meeting. The Thrift Shop volunteers continue to clean and sort and plan for re-opening.Watch for a poster about a Bystander Intervention workshop coming up in April. 

We are sorry that Cheryl Macpherson is leaving the Board and her role as chair of the Worship Team and thank her for her contributions. Colleen Nichol will become chair of the Worship Team effective immediately.

Charlotte Caron, Secretary