Board Update

Summary of JBUC Board Meeting
September 17th, 2020

The September meeting focussed on potential fall activities for the church. We are thankful that Gordon Miller has returned to work after his medical leave and we are immensely grateful to Christine Chepyha for her work while Gordon was on medical leave. She did a fabulous job taking strong and capable leadership, not just “filling in.”

As fall starts all of our church staff and many volunteers will be busy. The church pews are being advertised on Used Victoria and will hopefully be out of the church within a week so that actual amount of space and number of people with appropriate distancing will be known. The Worship Team will be preparing for the new forms of worship. Hopefully at Thanksgiving a service will be able to be held with some people in the church and live streaming for those at home. The Board also looked at the possibilities for small educational discussion groups for congregation members, at renting the space to some of the previous renters (especially AA and AlAnon groups with members who have not been able to meet on-line during the closure), and at what is needed in regard to Pastoral Care. Jazz night is getting sorted out and will start on-line in the near future. We are delighted that the Thrift Shop is back at work of selling used goods and engaging with members of the community each Friday. Its volunteers are working diligently to make it a safe, useful and enjoyable place to be.

We have received the Federal Government Loan of $40,000 to help see us through the financial challenges of the months ahead. Offerings are good as are special donations and donations from seniors who donated the Federal Senior’s $300 grant that they received. Thank you to all for your donations to James Bay United Church for the ongoing ministries of the church.