The Board is a group of gifted leaders, elected by the congregation, who help the congregation discern priorities and take action. Members of the Board oversee all aspects of the congregation's life.

The Board of James Bay United Church recommends the following be the

Priorities for JBUC:

Inspired by (bold and vulnerable) love to risk new ways as spiritual activists:

We commit to attend to all church activities* through a “Green New Deal” lens.

*including all ministries and programs, building maintenance and development, procurement, travel and administration

It is our sacred duty to live in harmonious relationship with all creation – the most precious and profound of all God’s gifts.

Called by earth and sky, the promise of hope held high.
This is our sacred living trust, treasure of life sanctified, called by earth and sky.

We commit to create a culture that invites people of the congregation to boldly name their sense of call, testing if there are others who feel the Spirit’s stirring to join them, in the hope that shared ministry will grow within and beyond the congregation.

We commit to pursue ways of deepening relationships
within the congregation
with the neighbourhood
with First Peoples

We commit, to the best of our ability, to create a safety plan
to preserve an open welcoming environment for peaceful worship
to take action if action is needed to preserve life

Current Board

Karen Dickey (Minister), Suzanne Lawrence (Member at Large), Cheryl Macpherson (Worship), Cheryl Caldwell (Chair and Treasurer), Terisa Klassen (Member at Large), Doug Lunam (Pastoral Care) and Kathie Putt (Secretary)

The United Church of Canada Handbooks & Guidelines