If ever there was a time the world needs a people tapped into hope, awake and alive, free to imagine and to embark on new ways, giving ourselves away in the service of love, we believe it is now!

At James Bay United Church, taking the bible seriously, not literally, means that we gather around scripture in worship and in study, listening for God’s Word of Life to confront us and inspire us, to move us beyond our self-imposed limits into the wide-open spaces of God’s grace.

We believe there is an inexhaustible richness and hope for the world to be mined through the resources of the Christian Tradition, while at the same time we appreciate there is an infinite variety of ways the Spirit of Life is revealed in our world.

What we come to trust (believe) is further shaped over time as events unfold in our world and our knowledge and experience expands. The United Church of Canada, as a denomination, of which our congregation is a part, has developed a number of statements of faith over the years. A New Creed, adopted in 1968 was further revised in 1994. A Song of Faith is our most recent articulation.