Opening a door to that Jesus place

Text: Matthew 18: 15-22 So there we were, attending to a whole host of details to get ready for today … the kinds of things that make for a welcome place, that convey a warmth, a gladness, a readiness to receive, to feed. Things were going really quite well until we brought the Bible into it … this passage that’s... Read More

Grace again ... and again

Text: Exodus 3: 1-15 I realized, as this story of Moses and the Burning Bush came around again, that I’ve grown accustomed to hearing it as an isolated incident, where Moses one day is going about his business and out of the blue there’s this encounter with the Holy. And out of that, the rest is history … as... Read More

More hopeful than common sense

Texts: Exodus 1: 8- 2: 10; Romans 12: 1-13 It could have gone differently for Moses, for his mother and father,like it was supposed to, with everything set in motion to make it so. But it didn’t go that way for reasons that … well, who could have imagined?!Here is Egypt’s Pharaoh out of control wielding his power... Read More

Yes, Lord

Thank you for your warm welcome. I’m honored to be in your midst this morning. I bring you greetings from the brothers and sisters at Saanich Community Church where I would be this morning if I were not here. Thank you, Beverley, for reading the scripture text for this morning. (Matthew 15:21-28) I find this story... Read More

Doubt and Faith?

Readings:Matthew 13:22-33,John 20: 19-29 The Sea of Galilee set as it is between two sets of mountains- more like hills to us- is prone to sudden, violent storms, and it seems, in our 1st reading today that the disciples found themselves out in one. Now some were fishers, so they should have been well-used to such... Read More

Something happens under the night sky.....

Reading: Genesis 28: 10-22. Something happens under the night sky-if you wait long enough, yearn long enough, and are willing to let the darkness be your guide. For most of us, darkness is counter-cultural. We are all about brightness, to the point that light pollution blots out the stars in most of the so-called... Read More

Seeds Flying Everywhere and the Ride of Your Life

Text: Matthew 13: 1-9 This morning’s reflection takes the form of a letter to Braden on the day of his baptism … and since it will be a while before he reads it for himself, I’m glad to share it with his baptizing community this morning. James Bay United ChurchSunday July 16, 2017 Dear Braden, On a counter in our... Read More

complicated lives, painful goodbyes, unimagined Mercy

NOTE:  check back for an audio transcipt ... coming soon!   There’s a big lead-up to today's scripture passage.  Without it, some of what we are about to hear will be lost on us.  So here’s a quick background summary … Abraham is called by God, out of the blue it seems, to GO! To leave his homeland for another …... Read More

Being Tested?

Text: John 6: 1-13, 25-40 Those of you who were part of our gathering at Beacon Hill Park yesterday may be thinking what a great story for the weekend of our congregational picnic! We had enough food to feed every living being in the entire park yesterday … including the crows and a handsome peacock who strutted... Read More

Holy Trinity and a day in the life of the Thrift Shop

Text: Genesis 1 - 2:3  Ephesians 3: 16-19 According to the calendar of the Christian year, today is Trinity Sunday, the day in which we lift up and celebrate the mystery of the Three-ness yet One-ness of the nature of God. For some of us the notion of the Trinity may be just weird at best. For others, perhaps it’s... Read More