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A joyous little play......well worth the excursion out!

Tonight, Judith and I joined friends, Chris Pease & Jane Wilson, as we began shaking off COVID isolation, & attended the opening of Attitude Theatre's "THE DUCK VARIATIONS".

We have been fairly cautious these last two years, but the intimacy of James Bay United Church meant the "sell out" crowd numbered 75 (all masked!).

What took us a bit by surprise was the excellence of the production itself: a sometimes bittersweet, always funny, often thought-provoking, two-person play was presented to us by actors (David Biltek & Ira Shorr) who know how to deliver their craft. David Mamet, the playwright, would have been immensely proud of this presentation.

It's a short run (Thursday, Friday & Saturday this week and next ...& a matinee on Saturday May 7th) but I know tickets are still available. Go out and spoil'll thank me later!