Our Gratitude for JBUC

Here's how a number of folks have described why James Bay United Church matters to them in their life ...

  • Rev. Karen Dickey
  • Nola
    • Over a 100 years ago my Great Aunt Alice, and her siblings Rose, Emily & George, emigrated from England to Canada when they were young adults. Alice married a farmer from PEI and they homesteaded in Saskatchewan. Alice was a woman firm in her Christian beliefs, strong in her social conscience and resolute in her ideas. She worked toward social justice with like minded people and their vision evolved and grew. In 1944 the Saskatchewan CCF formed the first socialist government in North America with Tommy Douglas as premier. Alice worked for the empowerment & well being of the individual within the care and support of society. During my high school years I was able to spend many long afternoons with Alice. She retired to the Cowichan Valley and lived nearby. I recognize the impact of our friendship as I grow into the age she was all those years ago. I think that our Saints sometimes show the way, the path. I am grateful to have Alice as one of my guides, 
  • Louise
    • Patricia Dawn, writer, film-maker and extremely busy advocate. One of my first choices in the “Saint” department. This article says a lot about Patricia Dawn. 

This is an opportunity for calling to mind those people who help us find our bearings in a world swirling in relativism …who through their words and actions hold dear and stay clear about the sacredness of life.

I wonder who even one of those people is for you? It maybe someone who is so glad to be alive they have turned you on to the gift of life. It maybe someone who through a question or a greeting, a poem or a novel lit a fire in your soul. It maybe someone whose boldness has lent you courage … or whose courageous silence helped you hear the Spirit’s voice within you.

Who can you name for yourself who helps you get your bearings so that you can take your God-gifted place in the world?

I wonder if you could send along information about those people … as a way of bringing into view more of those people who are gathered around the fire with us.

if you would also like to submit a photo of your saint, please send it along separately with a regular email to adamsna@shaw.ca

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