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"It is a strange anointing, this cross that comes to mark us as Lent begins. Ashes, dust, dirt: the stuff we walk upon, that we sweep away, that we work to get rid of, now comes to remind us who we are, where we are from, where we are bound. How terrible. And how marvelous, that God should feel so tender toward the dust as to create us from it, and return us to it, breathing through us all the while. Even after releasing us from the blessed dust at the last, God continues to breathe us toward whatever it is we are becoming."
- Jan Richardson

Chanting is an ancient spiritual practice found in many traditions as a way of experiencing the Divine. In the HeartSong group our approach is Inter Spiritual. Drawing on a variety of mystical traditions, we begin by centering, and then move to meditating on inspired words– often the poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, Teresa of Avila, or Mary Oliver. This is followed by chanting. The entire experience is held in a container contemplation and silence.

No prior experience – in meditation or chanting – is necessary. We are not focused on performance, but rather on simply experiencing the process of entering deeply into meditation and chanting.

When: The second Wednesday of each month: beginning Sept 11, 2019

Time: 1:30 – 2:45 PM; please arrive by 1:20 PM, so we can start on time.

Location: The Sanctuary, James Bay United Church, 511 Michigan Street, corner of Michigan and Menzies. James Bay United is an accessible building.

Parking is on the street.

Leaders: Beth Walker, of Fairfield United Church and Gordon Miller of James Bay United Church

For further information, please contact:

Beth at
ph/txt: 250-884-0484
[email protected]
Gordon at
ph/txt: 250-213-1948
email: [email protected]

This program is a partnership between Fairfield & James Bay United Church, made possible in part through a grant from the ProVision fund of the United Church.