The work of Mission & Service continues because of us. 

Support from our congregation and congregations across the whole United Church make vital ministry possible. 

Our gifts for Mission & Service change lives daily. Because we give to Mission & Service, thousands of meals are served, unemployable people find new hope in work programs, and people in need of housing find places of shelter. 

We have done so much with our Mission & Service givings. Imagine what could be accomplished if more people joined us and gave for Mission & Service! 

Mission & Service is like a stone dropped into a pool of water: the ripples span out from that rock, creating a reaction in the entire pool. Mission & Service is like that rock. The ripples of support spread across communities in Canada and in other parts of the world! 

All the people whose lives are touched and transformed because of our gifts for Mission & Service say THANK YOU. 

Thank you for being part of that giving. 

And if you have not given yet, please consider Mission & Service giving a regular part of your life of faith!

Loving God, we are called to be your colours in the world, to walk with each other,
to share in love through our gifts for Mission & Service.
Guide us to shine brightly in the world. Amen 

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