Serve in the Church

Serve in the Church

An Invitation......

There are all kinds of ways to get involved to help this household of faith hum! And as each person arrives on the scene, with the gifts, passions and experiences they carry, the possibilities for enriching and expanding is truly a welcome prospect.

Here's a list of current opportunities ...

  • Choir Singers and other musicians. Join the choir or be part of a instrumental ensemble.
  • Cup & Conversation. 
  • Flowers for Sunday
  • Garden Care
  • Greeters
  • Hospitality/Friendship
  • James Bay Refugee Sponsorship Initiative. Support New Canadians through friendship, filling out forms, preparing meals with “strange Canadian foods,” or teaching English.
  • Lifelong Learning: if you are looking for opportunities to grow in faith, and would love to dream up events for congregation and neighbourhood Connect with the form below.
  • Ministry & Personnel: H. R. help. We’re looking for people with Human Resources experience who care about the relationship between staff and congregation
  • Neighbourhood Connections … if you are eager to be part of connecting with neighbours, discovering possibilities for collaboration and deepening a network of care connect with the form below. 
  • Offering Counters
  • Office Volunteers
  • Pastoral Care
  • Property Maintenance Scripture
  • Readers for Sunday Service
  • Sunday Kids Conncting with Children:if you have a heart for children, and if exploring faith and life questions lights you up connect with The form below.  
  • Our Thrift Shop Lunch-makers. Join the roster of lunch-makers who feed the grateful Friday Thrift Shop volunteers.
  • Tuesday Morning Outreach
  • Website Team
  • Trustees
  • Worship Team

Connect with Gordon Miller with this form or call ‭(250) 213-1948‬.

Upcoming Events

JBU Church Office

Friday, January 19, 2018 & other dates


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Phyllis Pollard

Times Colonist obituary for Phyllis Pollard. Phyllis had a long history with James Bay United.  Read More

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2018 Church Calendars

2018 Church Calendars are available for pick-up in the Church office. Please see Vanya during regular office hours. Cost is $5.00   Read More

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Gifts With Vision

Make a Difference with Your Gifts. Gifts with Vision are an additional way to support the work of the United Church of Canada’s Mission & Service partners in Canada, Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean,... Read More

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Connect your JOY with known NEEDS

Connect your JOY with known NEEDS Gardening Group: be part of a team who meet regularly to tend the church gardens and have coffee together - contact Bev Tracey 250 592 5931 Lunch makers: join the roster of... Read More

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Flowers for the Sanctuary

Scent free FLOWERS are always welcomed in our Sanctuary whether to specifically remember loved ones or just to beautify our place of worship. There is a calendar in the reception office where you can sign for your... Read More