JBUC website advertising of community events and updates enables JBUC to actively foster relationships with many neighbourhood organizations through the posting of their information.

Health and wholeness resources are included to further share information about the many opportunities available for individuals and families, with a focus on the senior members of our community. 

Scroll down to see some of the activities sponsored by these neighbourhood groups.

  • Afternoon Concerts in the Park
  • Camp Pringle
  • Capital Park*
  • CRD
  • Catholic Crosscultural Services
  • Chown Place
  • Church of Our Lord
  • Earth Literacy*
  • Garden of All Sorts
  • Harbourside Rotary*
  • intercultural Association of Victoria
  • James Bay Beacon
  • James Bay Children's Chorus, Sandra Fletcher.*
  • James Bay Community Centre
  • James Bay Community Project
  • James Bay Market Society*
  • James Bay Neighbourhood Association*
  • James Bay United Church Thrift Shop*
  • Louise n’ha Ruby*
  • Oak Bay United Church 
  • Our Place*
  • O.U.R. Eco Village
  • Parks & Recreation Programs. Parks, Recreation & Facilities, City of Victoria*
  • Pride Parade
  • Prison Theatre
  • Resilient Streets Initiative
  • The Society of Friends of St. Ann's Academy*
  • St. Georges Church, Cadboro Bay
  • The Solaris Project
  • Sylvan United Church*
  • Walk for the Salish Sea
  • Winter Solstice Music
  • United Church Campus Ministry