Greetings to Partners and Supporters in our Community:

A Social Justice Team at James Bay United Church has been evolving and growing.  Our creation was sparked in part by the existence of the Beacon Hill Park tent community shortly after it was set up but we have been aware and concerned about social justice issues that exist in our community for quite some time.

The Community Care Tent on Cook Street helped us focus some of our efforts on the issue of housing for the unhoused in the community.

Recently, the team has been working on issues to help the unhoused who are in our community.  Specifically, a senior couple came to our attention, for whom the need of secure and long term housing is extremely urgent from a health standpoint. 

This couple very quickly has become the focus of our attention and efforts, first to find appropriate accommodations and then to secure funding to assist them in their transfer from Beacon Hill Park to an apartment.  This included working with the Victoria Rent Bank and other community partners like Fairfield United Church and Fairfield Gonzales Support for the Unhoused. 

Long story short, through the efforts of many, we have secured accommodation and funding for the senior couple mentioned above and on April 30th, they moved into their new home.

There will be much to do in the coming weeks to support them in a healthy transition, and it is the intention of the Social Justice Team at James Bay United to replicate this work as soon and as often and as we are able.

Thank you for your attention to this update and your support for the community.

Cliff Boldt, Chairperson

Social Justice Team of James Bay United Church