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Consider taking a deeper dive

Maybe it was a new year’s resolution … again!

Or a spark of desire that … where did it go?

This hope or longing to step more fully into life,

To be more intentional about living life with grace, insight and wisdom, and to share in this holy adventure with others.

The opportunity awaits you to take a deeper dive this year.                                                       

You are invited to be part of a small group that will meet regularly, the frequency decided by the group.  The format of those times together will be developed as the group chooses.  

The intention of the group is to provide each person with a place to listen to their life

  • to listen for those traces of grace, of guidance;
  • to help surface the heart’s desire;
  • to support each other in keeping the commitments each is making to themselves.

The intention is also about providing a place to come to know each other at some depth, to experience a sense of companionship on the journey.

There are any number of way the group may shape its time together.  To name a few possibilities,  a group may decide to

  • incorporate a spiritual practice
  • read and reflect on a book together
  • begin with each person sharing their “graced history”
  • engage in some action or pursuit together
  • or  … or … or !!

If this speaks to you, please be in touch with Karen or 250-592-5931 who will facilitate the forming of each group.

Each group will have a minimum of six people, no more than eight.

Questions? Interested? Email or phone Karen.