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Dear friends of James Bay United Church. 

We are welcoming a new baby ... (Grand Piano that is) and you are invited to our Baby Grand Piano Shower on Tuesday September 28th!

~ 4pm to 9pm drop-in, bring your contribution, enjoy some great music ~

This celebration of all things piano features some of Victoria's most respected piano players and supporting special guests. Doors will open at 4pm with a five-hour extravaganza of incredible music celebrating the world of piano featuring solo sets, trios, a special "piano in the round" session, special groups and some surprise cameos!

We will also celebrate the community that has grown around the Arts Ministry at James Bay United Church, thanking the musicians and fans and also the supporters who helped kickstart this campaign. You will have an opportunity to hear and see this baby in action in the hands of the masters, celebrate community and help give this piano a home at JBUC!

All the proceeds from this event go to support the acquisition of our new piano!

Pledge Now:

Come help us make it happen and have a GREAT time celebrating!

This very fine pre-owned Yamaha C5 6'7" Grand Piano will serve the neighbourhood of James Bay for decades to come. It will be a central feature for community concerts of all musical styles and tastes. It will help preside at weddings and celebrations of life and accompany vocalists and choirs of all ages. The addition of this instrument to our community will lift the spirits of everyone who hears it, plays it, or is accompanied by its rich voice.

We need to raise $28,000 and are very thankful to the following contributors who have pledged to get us started:

Paul Best, Joseph Bradley, Jean Chandler, Christine Chepyha, Allen Evans, Donna Fairbrother, Sandra Fletcher, Karen Halliday, Sarah Hovey, Karen Jawl, Kevin McGinn, Lorraine Mainwarring, Gordon Miller, Simon Phillips, Marilyn Samis, Sandra Stott, Richard Wey, Leonard Wechsler, Karla Willems, Byron Woods, Beth Young ... ... ...  

Already we have raised 43% of what we need, with a balance of just under $16,000
This month we are asking you to help get us over the top.

Pledge Now: