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This is the thing – it’s not one or the other but both-and, tangled up with each other. The pristine beauty that is threatened. The protection born of love and wisdom, and the violation born of greed and superiority. Over the course of this BC Day holiday weekend, I urge you to take the time to view 2 short powerful videos. And not just to view them, but to pray them …  allow them to be a vehicle for an experience of encounter with the holy. 

Begin by taking time to settle in and be present, setting your intention to be open to the movement of the Spirit through this time. 

1. View the video several times, noticing what tugs at you, what especially connects, resonates or repels. Simply notice without pondering why.

2. Now setting the video aside, notice what is it in you that is being touched.  How is this connecting with you in your life?  What are you being given to see or recall?

3. Offer the thoughts and feelings of your heart to God. 

4. Ask “is there an invitation for me here?”

5. Take time to sit in silence, to simply be in Love’s presence

Here are the links to the videos.  I suggest you give yourself time with each, perhaps one a day.

For the Love of Salmon 
Keely Weget-Whitney, a 25-year-old from the Stl'atl'imx First Nation (pronounced Stat-lee-um), embarks on a challenging 60 km swim in the frigid and racing Fraser River. Her goal? To bring awareness to declining salmon health and its impacts on her community and the environment.

Combatting Racism in Canada – Pipelines
Dr. Pam Palmater (renowned professor, activist, and lawyer) explains the impacts of Canada's relentless and racist pursuit of pipelines on Indigenous peoples.