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You haven’t heard about it? It’s an initiative of James Bay United Church joined by other community partners. Picture a walk around the James Bay neighbourhood. You’ve been given 10 clues and a map. Each location lands you into a place of cultural significance to the Lekwungen speaking people. Right where you are standing, you’ll find a description of it AND there you will find the box you are searching for that holds one of the Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report.

At the end of your search, you’ll return to Irving Park where we begin, for refreshments and prizes  and an opportunity to sign up with others to take action on one of the 10 Calls to Action. It will be FUN. You’ll LEARN some incredible things.

AND you will begin to see James Bay with new eyes. It’s happening on Saturday November 6, beginning at 1pm.

We would love your help! As for ways you could lend a hand, choose any one of these things.

Volunteer opportunities:

Host at the Refreshment table

Hand out clues and maps

Set up tables and tents in Irving  Park (11am)

Take down the tents and tables from Irving Park (4:30pm)

Help set up display in the church hall  (11am)

Take down display in the church hall (4:30pm)

Host at the Calls to Action sign-up table

Site “guardians”  (take a shift at a clue location to watch over the box of clues)

Drive guardians from Irving Park to their locations

Contact Cory  with any questions and offers of help.  THANK YOU!