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The James Bay Art Walk returns for 2022! Twenty four artists who live and work in this historic neighborhood will open their studios and gather at various locations, to display and sell their art.

An amazing spectrum of creative endeavors will be available, featuring both established and emerging artists. The local community has banded together, providing centralized spaces for artists whose studios can’t accommodate crowds. 

Centrally located Carr House will provide an overview of all the artists involved in this year’s Art Walk. Mixed media artist Helga Strauss will offer a hands-on activity for those wishing to explore their creative side. A new art gallery in James Bay, Studio 106 will feature the art of David Ladmore and Laurie Ladmore. This new space, close to Fisherman’s Wharf has emerged from the iconic triangle building on Superior Street. Close by, David Hunwick will open his sculpture studio for a close-up look at his processes. The Imagine Studio Cafe on Erie Street will feature young emerging artists in a new inspiring collection - Imagine U. Next door, Finest at Sea will host Sylvia Coughlin in action, demonstrating her unique underwater scenes created through crochet. 

The largest gathering will be at the historic James Bay United Church. Thirteen artists including Anne Hansen, Jessie Beauvilliers, David Roberts, Holly Vivian and Teresa Waclawik will offer a variety of media, including clay sculpture, pebble and sea glass art, pastels and pointillism, oils and murals, recycled material collages and line drawings. In total, 11 locations across this eclectic neighborhood will be open on Saturday and Sunday, September 24 and 25 from 10am to 4pm to visitors from across the region. The complete artist listing, art walk map and special events can be found at their website.