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Announcing a four-part series coming this Fall -- 4 Tuesdays, 2-4 PM, starting Oct. 23.

Saying Yes to Life:
Living fully as we Contemplate Dying

What if there was a way to embrace and befriend the lessons of loss and grief, death and dying in a manner that could enable you to live fully and joyfully no matter how much ‘time’ you have left on planet earth?

Join Margaret Harper,
Loss & Grief Facilitator/Death Doula/Minister/Lover of Life and Death
as together we explore, ponder, contemplate and imagine a way of approaching one’s death that opens a space for peace, well-being and untold possibilities. Come to one or all of these sessions. Bring your questions, concerns, stories and insights.  Open to any who believe that sooner or later, that bell is gonna toll for me!

Sessions to be designed around the following:

Caring for Self and Others

Learning to set boundaries and negotiate time for self in the midst of all the other worthwhile aspects of daily life can seem impossible. What might it mean to pay attention to the needs of our souls as we age? Come explore how caring for self and caring for others are two pieces of a beautiful whole!

Befriending the Lessons of Grief and Loss

Is there a way to envision Grief and Loss as a wise teacher, perhaps even a friend who longs to sit down with us and talk about the stuff of life that truly matters? Sounds strange, and yet, we all have life lessons inside of us which have been honed in times of challenge and hardship. Come discover the strength and wisdom that can fuel you in all times and seasons.

Medical Assistance in Dying

The Basics 101 This session, offered by Dying with Dignity, Victoria Chapter will bring you up-to-date with assisted dying on southern Vancouver Island including: what MAID means, some basic statistics, who would qualify, how one would go about applying (Patient Request), getting approved, what to do after being approved, the peace one feels, setting the date, what happens on the day, what arrangements need to be made and other considerations.

Planning For A Good Death

Come explore your hopes, dreams, fears and concerns around death and dying. Mary Oliver, the poet asks the question: What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Is there a way to contemplate death as something that is also wild and precious? Rather than something to be feared-  could death instead invite us to intentionally pay attention and harvest that which we have given and received, as well as the lessons we have learned and shared with others?

Interested? Questions? 

Please contact Rev. Karen Dickey, James Bay United Church with this connection form or call 778 432 4331

Questions? Use this form to connect with Margaret Harper.