Listening with Heart and Intention: Orange Shirt Day Reflection, Information and Call to the non-Indigenous United Church for Faithful Action and Relationship Building.

"I want to welcome all to begin understanding Orange Shirt Day. We have prepared videos for discussion and reflection. As we go through this part of the residential school experience I hope we can reflect on what is the Spirit calling us to do? What work are we needing to do as settler and Indigenous congregations? We are learning as we go.

To know where Orange Shirt Day originates is important because it comes from our region. We are part of this story and how we tell and live into this narrative is part of our calling as a church. It resonates with the calls to the church and the Care Takers Report that is our Indigenous contribution to the discussion of reconciliation. As we know more and understand the work of our Church we can reflect on what are we called to do? In my last regional projects I worked with other student clergy to produce a video to share the beginning of National Indigenous day.

So we may be called next year to produce a video of where Orange Shirt Day comes from to share with the National Church. I think in PMRC we have much to share and the fact remains that PMRC is in a Province that has been bold enough to accept a limited form of UNDRIP. Believe me there is a story and a narrative to capture with the Settler and Indigenous perspective." ...

Blessings to all.
John Snow, Jr.
Pacific Mountain Regional Council Indigenous Minister"