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Greetings to Greater Victoria Communities of Faith, 

Saturday, March 16th, we are hosting a Pilgrimage around the city of Victoria. This will not be a rally! It will be a prayerful walk, and you are invited to walk whatever distance along the planned route that you are able to do, as a way to respond to the ongoing violence on the people in Gaza. 

While the length of Gaza is 41km, the circular route we are planning is 21.6 km (approx. 1/2 the length of Gaza). Some of you might be interested in walking the entire distance. Most people will be walking one or more of the sections of this walk. We are organizing 5 stopping points or places to register/receive hospitality and participate in a few moments of reflection at each point. See the link to the walking route below.

This is meant to be a spiritual walk of contemplation and prayer. 

Can you see some people from your community join us? A few people to walk a section together, or in relay fashion? We welcome you to join us.  Please register online here:

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to send us an email, Susan  Or if you would like to volunteer email

In organizing this Pilgrimage, we aspire to: 
1) Keep the war in Gaza and the need for a ceasefire in front of us as we journey together
2) Encourage all Christians and people from other faith traditions as well as no faith traditions, to join with us in a prayerful walk for peace in the Holy Land.   
And finally, our thanks in advance for all you can do to lift up the Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage in your community and network.

In peace, shalom and salaam, 

Rev. Barbara Hansen, Janet Gray, Susan Grace Draper 

on behalf of The Organizing Team for Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage Walk in Victoria, BC

Hosted by: Broad View United, a congregation of The United Church of Canada and KAIROS Victoria with leadership provided from faith communities in greater Victoria.



For more information about this global invitation to walk, please check out the website: