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Dr. Bonnie Henry, on August 6, returned to advocating strongly that all British Columbians wear masks in indoor public settings, but she did not make it a health order. "In no way did we ever say that it is not appropriate to wear masks in public settings. I have said repeatedly, and continue to say, 'People must, and should, wear masks in indoor public spaces, particularly when you're around people, if it's crowded indoor spaces, where we know this virus can be transmitted. That remains the recommendation that remains in place, that remains what people should be doing ... 

·         We are taking a gradual approach to live into the new reality
·         We will not require people to register in order to come in-person
·         We will add more chairs but not to maximum capacity
·         We’ll continue to greet people on arrival with hand sanitizer
·         While masks are not required they are strongly recommended

If you have any questions, please call Colleen Nichol (Worship Team Chair) 778 426 1762.