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Season of Creation:  a stretch of weeks in Autumn in which we turn our attention to the gift and wonder of creation in light of our growing awareness that we with the creation are in crisis;  a season that invites us to mine the resources of our faith to respond to the call to care for creation.

As a people made in God’s image, one of the things we can affirm is that we ourselves are creative beings.

So what if we appreciated that creativity is not the purview of experts?  What if we really got it that to create means to relate?

The root meaning of the word art is to fit together and we all do this every day.  Not all of us are painters but we are all artists.  

Each time we fit things together we are creating–whether it is to make a loaf of bread, a child, a day. …

And as artists, we accept responsibility to create–to realize our immense powers to change things, to fit things together in a new way.”

Hearing the call

to live creatively

inspired by and in response to

the splendour and the cry of creation

This is what we’ll be about this season.

Along with our experience together on Sunday mornings, the Worship Team is offering a guide to a weekly spiritual practice.

May the abundant blessings of the Spirit be ours this season. 

Week 1.

A Guide to this week’s Daily Practice

Text & audio of Rev. Dickey's Oct.7th reflection.

a practice of Looking to See

  • For ten minutes a day look at a plant that is native to your area.
  • Write about the plant for fifteen minutes every day, describing visual details, as well as the feel, the fragrance, and the sound made when the wind blows through it.
  • Do ten drawings each day of the leaves or other foliage and ten drawings each day of the whole plant.

(from "Learning by Heart: Teachings to Free the Creative Spirit" by Corita Kent, Jan Steward)                                                                     

a practice of Listening to Hear

“a day a sound”  

  • Find a way to make a daily practice of this exercise for one week.
  • For example, you might choose, at the end of each day, to recall and write down the sound that was most meaningful for you that day.

(by Manfred Werder)


  • Make a Season of Creation journal in which you record your practices, thoughts, images, reflections.