I realize that for some people there is more time on hand these days than usual.  And that can be a burden of sorts as much as it can be a welcome gift. There are so many ways we could allow this time to work in our favour, personally and individually, and for the building up of this community we call James Bay United Church.  

I wonder how you are experiencing this time?

I wonder if there is something you are looking for in this time that would address a hunger for more … more connection, more learning, more delight, more satisfaction … whatever that more might be.  

Ideas are popping up from among us that are taking shape. Our Friday Morning Coffee Meet-up arose in response to someone feeling the need to connect for conversation.

Someone else has wondered about an on-line “discussion board” that would make a way for us to respond to, or further our exploration in response to the Sunday morning reflections, by posting our thoughts in writing.  Watch for a way to dive into that very soon.

What else might be valuable to you in this time? Please jot me a note (see form below) and I’d be glad connect with you about your idea. 

(Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

Please send me a note

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