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The Parade is Coming, the Parade is Coming!

What parade, you ask? Why, the Victoria Pride Parade, of course!

We need your help and enthusiasm to get ready for another amazing walk in the parade.

Join us on Sunday, June 9th, after coffee time, for some sweet and savoury snacks, community-building chat, and some tweaking of the beautiful painted doors from last year. The doors worked hard in last year’s parade, dancing down the streets of Victoria, helping viewers know who we are and what we are about at James Bay United. Opening Doors to God’s Love, declaring our inclusivity across the board to everyone. Now the doors need just a bit of tidying, handles strengthened, and a few other bits.

Mark your calendars for the Victoria Pride Parade: Sunday, July 7th. Walk with us in the parade right from the start (more details to follow) or join us after a shortened Sunday service that morning. Walk with us or cheer us on!

But before the parade, if it calls to you, if you want to know more about what the parade is about, why it is important for us to be in the parade, or have ideas on how we can always be opening more doors, join us in the downstairs hall on June 9th as we get ready for the Pride Parade!