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Here's the church, here's the steeple, open the doors ... but where are the people?

We're living in a time when the majority of people in Canada have no interest in or connection with Church. Here is a book by two people who are hopeful about the future of the church in North America -- hope that's not based in getting better at what we are already doing, but in understanding the massive cultural shifts that have and are happening, and being radically responsive to those shifts such that new and compelling ways of being church are allowed to emerge and thrive.

Whether this calls to you or puzzles you, consider reading this book in the company of others.

Books have arrived. We'll meet for our conversations Tuesday mornings 10-11:30 and Wednesday evenings 7-8:30.

Starting date: Tuesday Feb. 27 @ 10 AM. Wednesday, Feb. 28 @ 7 PM.

Please be in touch if you'd like to participate.

Thanks, Karen

Please read this preview of the Weird Church prior to the first meeting. 

Please let Karen know if you would like a copy of the book. $18