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Window Wanderland gives us a wonderful opportunity to light up with others in the neighbourhood bringing some cheer and connection on these mid-winter evenings, February 24, 25, 26.

It also offers a chance to convey something of who we are through the theme we choose for our own display.

What images come to your mind as this year we express our calling as a church to be “a brave and tender force for love and justice”?

We would like to call on thinkers, crafters, artists and volunteers of all sorts to help us bring this idea into being.

Volunteers will help to create the silhouette images which will be installed in the Michigan Street windows and lighted from inside to create a beautiful display for viewing from the street.

Crafting sessions will be held in the lower hall of the church and snacks will be provided!

But first we need to generate the ideas for the images.  Conversation over coffee after service this Sunday could set us on track toward something beautiful.  

Thanks for giving it some thought.

Please watch out for updates and volunteer opportunities upcoming.

Email for more information