Sunday January 9th, 10:15 am ONLINE ONLY
Presiding: Rev. Karen Dickey
Music: Christine Y. Chepyha

Along with the other things you may do to set up your space to support you in opening to the holy, I encourage you this week to have available to you a bowl of water. Doesn’t have to be fancy … a simple bowl of water will be perfect. I look forward to meeting you there.

This week, we will meet online ONLY. NO In-Persons Worship as we do our part to keep each other safe, following and respecting health guidelines. Yes, you could watch the service at your convenience at any time Sunday or later in the week, but you are encouraged - if you are able - to join with others in the community of faith at 10:15 am. We celebrate coming together and being together in community.

Rev. Karen Dickey

Order of Service: