Welcome Sunday Worship at James Bay United Church,
Victoria BC. October 30th, 2022

It’s one of those especially “thin” days this Sunday as we step into our All Saints celebration – “thin” insofar as we sense heaven’s closeness.

This is the celebration in which we welcome into our midst the presence of those people through whom the presence of the Divine shines. Some have died. Some are living. And here’s the wondrous thing: ALL of them, regardless, join us in the very present work of healing the world. We are in this together! I want to encourage you to take time before you enter the space of our gathering this week to identify one person in your life, someone who upholds and encourages you , who has given you personally a sense of the height, depth and breadth of God’s love. Open your heart to their presence.

As part of our gathering we’ll be celebrating the sacrament of communion. If you are joining online, you may wish to set out some bread and wine or juice in whatever is your sanctuary space. “In house” all will be provided – gluten free bread as well. I look forward to celebrating with you.

Today's scripture: https://tinyurl.com/49u46r2m
Sunday Bulletin: https://tinyurl.com/eke7dvd9

Presider: Rev. Karen Dickey
Music: Jennifer Turner


Our worship each Sunday is intended to be a collective experience, a communal practice. We might step into whatever is our sanctuary, each one of us as individuals, and yet as we assemble, from wherever we are, we become a people, drawn together through song and prayer, through word and ritual, and through the Spirit who breathes through it all, through us all. One and the same Spirit uniting us breathing us into life!

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