In this week’s story we hear Lazarus being called out of the tomb ... called into life when it seemed surely it was too late. Perhaps you know this story in your own bones about the surprising uprising of life ... what is it to have come to a dead end, shut down, life-less ... but then somehow, through nothing of your own doing, something reaches you --a shaft of light, a word, an opportunity, “a burning bush”—and you find yourself emerging in ways you never thought possible.

The James Bay Community Chorus with Christine Chepyha will be joining us, and on this day too we’ll be celebrating the sacrament of communion. Those of you joining online may wish to come with some bread and wine or juice available to you so you are able to share fully in our time together.

Lent 5: 
Holy week handout: 

Presider: Rev. Karen Dickey
Music: James Bay Community Chorus, Christine Chepyha director
Our worship each Sunday is intended to be a collective experience, a communal practice.

We might step into whatever is our sanctuary, each one of us as individuals, and yet as we assemble, from wherever we are, we become a people, drawn together through song and prayer, through word and ritual, and through the Spirit who breathes through it all, through us all.

One and the same Spirit uniting us breathing us into life!

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