Christmas Season. December 24 & December 31, 2017

"In the fullness of time" ... those were her first words as I sat down with my spiritual director on Wednesday morning. I had just noticed the Mary and Joseph figures from her nativity scene on the mantle piece. "They make quite a journey," she said, pointing to the table in another corner of the room where they will end up in a few weeks time, surrounded by a menagerie of animals. "In the fullness of time." Though I knew what she meant (that time of ripeness) I heard it first of all as "full to overflowing" as in there's a lot going on. It helped to sit a minute and allow the two fullnesses to reside together ... and to imagine and to remember that in the overflowing fullness, that holy fullness is waiting to be seen and heard, felt and tasted. It is my prayer for you and for me that within the various events and opportunities that I'm about to make note of here, there will be for us occasions of Grace inviting us into Something More.