Advent 2022

“We all carry a cave, a hidden place within us, into which God longs to be born.  Advent is a season to enter that place, to turn inward and encounter Love’s presence who seeks to emerge through us.”

These are some of the words of Jan Richardson that resonated with the Worship Team as we met to plan for the season of Advent this year ... what it is to enter the cave of the heart ... to trace the images on its walls ... to find God lying in the details ...  emerge with new found wisdom to engage in God’s work.  And so we invite you to share in this experience this Advent, knowing the cave is not a permanent dwelling, but a necessary shelter along the way.  

In these days, may the Mystery meet you with many graces and with the love and the hope that live at the center of it all.

JBUC Worship Team

Image credit: We Light a Candle in the Cave of the Heart © Jan Richardson.