Season of Advent.  Anticipating and Expecting the Holy. Dec. 3-Dec. 24, 2017

Sunday mornings through the season of Advent

What might it be for us to welcome into our lives Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love such that these gifts shine forth in us? This question will be at the heart of our gathering the Sunday through the season of Advent.

Along with lighting the Advent Candles, we'll be celebrating communion each week. Know that there's always room for one more at the table, no matter your age or stage or orientation in life ... whatever your questions, your doubts ... wherever you've come from or are venturing toward. It is for us to come as we wish with all that we are to take into our hands and into our very beings this expression of God's boundless love made tasteable!

The bread is gluten, lactose and egg free; each chalice is filled with grape juice.