The Grace to Weep

texts: Psalm 137: 1-6, Lamentations 5 “On July 8, 2013 on his first official trip outside Rome, Pope Francis celebrated Mass on the Sicilian island of Lampedusa to commemorate thousands of migrants who had died crossing the sea from North Africa. In his homily Francis spoke about the ‘globalization of... Read More

Tuning in to our divided heart

texts: Psalm 51 and Matthew 11:  28-30 “Now is the moment to learn hope.”It’s with that statement, that pronouncement, that summons, really, that John Holloway begins his address at the Rediscovering the Radical Conference in Liverpool.“Now is the moment to learn hope, he goes on ...Now when there seems so little... Read More

It's time that you loved

Thanksgiving Text: Genesis 1: 1- 2:3 What if we heard the first chapter of Genesis not in terms of origins but intentions … not a description of how it all began but God’s intentions from the beginning? What if we heard the first chapter of Genesis as a love song? For the sake of beginning somewhere, let’s go to... Read More

Don't ask if but how

World Wide Communion SundayText: Exodus 17: 1-7 It seems these days the world has come close … even more so perhaps than usual … the islands in the Caribbean that have been so unthinkably battered; the Rohingya people of Myanmar and the overwhelm among Bangladeshi people who are receiving these vast multitudes of... Read More

Celebrating the life of Irene Nepstad

Celebrating the life of Irene Nepstad ~ November 14, 1914 - August 5, 2017Texts: Psalm 23, Colossians 3:12-17 4:2-6 There's nothing quite like grace to shape our lives into something beautiful. It might show up in some experience of care-- this thing called grace. It might show up as generosity unbidden, or as the... Read More

Jerks, Judgement and the Generosity of God

text: Romans 14: 1-12 A few years ago there was a leadership development course offered to ministers and Board members of the United Church across BC in the area of conflict resolution in church life. The title of the course: Never Call Them Jerks. (It’s not often you get your money’s worth before you even show up... Read More

Opening a door to that Jesus place

Text: Matthew 18: 15-22 So there we were, attending to a whole host of details to get ready for today … the kinds of things that make for a welcome place, that convey a warmth, a gladness, a readiness to receive, to feed. Things were going really quite well until we brought the Bible into it … this passage that’s... Read More

Grace again ... and again

Text: Exodus 3: 1-15 I realized, as this story of Moses and the Burning Bush came around again, that I’ve grown accustomed to hearing it as an isolated incident, where Moses one day is going about his business and out of the blue there’s this encounter with the Holy. And out of that, the rest is history … as... Read More

More hopeful than common sense

Texts: Exodus 1: 8- 2: 10; Romans 12: 1-13 It could have gone differently for Moses, for his mother and father,like it was supposed to, with everything set in motion to make it so. But it didn’t go that way for reasons that … well, who could have imagined?!Here is Egypt’s Pharaoh out of control wielding his power... Read More