A Christmas Eve Pilgrimage

“We’ll be proceeding by stages, in our own time, at our own pace. Once you are ready to move on, you simply click the “stepping stone” that opens up the next stage of the journey. There are 8 stages in all. These are best enjoyed full screen.

Angel Visitation

Joseph’s Dream

A Joyful Connection

Journey to Bethlehem



Mary Ponders

Silent Night and Blessing

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Merry Christmas




Emre Kuzu – hand held lantern
Gantas Vaiciulenas – handheld lantern 2
Josh Hild –pilgrim with lantern over shoulder
Abby Kihano:  paper lanterns in sky
Ahmed Aqtai – lantern on ground
Tobias Bjorki – Northern Lights
Cliford Mevil – starry sky
NewLine Cinema The Nativity Story, 2006 - Mary and Elizabeth 
Adam Pomeroy – Annunciation; The Nativity
www.LumoProject.com – Birth of Jesus #2,10; Shepherds worship Jesus #1,5,16

Videos: Colleen and Steve Nichol

Reader: Sarah Hovey

Music: Daniel Brandes, Eli Bender and Catholic Artists From Home

Candle lighters:

Wylie Stewart
Doug Lunam
Karla Willems 
Hazel Blennerhassett   
Paul Date & Kathleen Macdonald
Barbara and Herb Whitney
Aleksa Harkness
Sue Ross
Louise N’ha ruby
Pauline Mackenzie
Linda Wreggitt  
Eunice Davison
Carol Charlton
Tanis Rebbetoy
Isabel Clemson

Pilgrimage Creators:

JBUC Worship Team – Gary Brandstadt, Karen Dickey, Sarah Hovey,
Cheryl Macpherson, Gwenna Moss, Colleen Nichol, 

Technical production: Gordon Miller