READ MORE about our in-person Sunday Gatherings

Each Sunday morning we gather at 10:15 for worship. It’s a “come as you are” event (especially now - online) … no need to dress up unless that’s your delight. Together we’re creating a space in which none of us needs to leave any part of our story behind, nor any hurt or hope at the door. It’s about bringing it all to be met by the love and mercy of God. Sunday Morning Worship is the time for us to seek and celebrate God’s presence together. Which means we’re deliberate about being aware of one another.

Below is a short video to help you prepare a bit more for your online church experience. With a little advance planning, a candle, and some intention, you can make your Sunday morning (or any time you choose to watch) an interactive and participatory experience. Make your time online refreshing and uplifting by being present and 'in the moment'.

See you soon,

Gordon Miller