Reflection for the First Sunday in Lent

poetry and image (c) Jan Richardson

How will we see the angels if we don’t go into the wilderness? How will we recognize the help that God sends if we don’t seek out the places beyond what is comfortable to us, if we don’t press into terrain that challenges our habitual perspective? How will we find the delights that God provides even—and especially—in the desert places?

Blessing that Meets You
in the Wilderness

After the
desert stillness.

After the

After the
and days
and weeks
of emptying.

After the
and the

After the
and seeing
and knowing.

Let this blessing be
the first sweetness
that touches
your lips,

the bread
that falls into
your arms,

the cup
that welcoming hands
press into

Let this blessing be
the road that
returns you.

Let it be
the strength to carry
the wilderness

—Jan Richardson