Lent 2023

"Into the Wild -The Colours of Lent"

Sundays and mid-week series

Who knew the Season of Lent could be full of COLOUR
when traditionally Lent is thought of as a more somber season ... 
a season where the colours are subdued.

Yes, it begins with grey, with ash
signaling there’s a grittiness, even graveness about these 40 days.

And yet in no time we’re following Jesus into the wild 
and into the heart of the world 
where each week, through yet another story of encounter, 
we see these learned and deeply held ways 
of thinking and perceiving and relating 
are being blown open to reveal other ways altogether ... 
ways imbued with grace, with unforeseen possibility ... with colour!

Ash Wednesday

Sundays in Lent

Inner Lenten Journey

Going to the Movies for Lent

Let Contemplation and Conversation Colour your Lent