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Morning Prayer

O Holy One as close as breath,

before you breathed us into life

before you shaped us from the soil 

there was earth -- full of potential 

for life, for growth, for flourishing.

From the beginning you have prepared a place for us,

a home for us

-- yet clearly, thankfully, not only for us.

O that we would open our eyes to the wondrous weave 

of relationship that is your creation.

O that we would labour with you in this labour of love 

that is your creation. 

O that your delight would be our delight.

O Holy One who breathes us into life

Breathe with us now …   Be with us now …

that we may live into the oneness that we are

with you and the whole creation.    Amen


Evening Prayer

For the night skies opening outwards, star upon star

    expanse after expanse

thanks be to you, O God.

For the mystery of your presence in and beyond 

    all that can be seen

thanks be to you.

Guide us further this night into the inner universe of our souls, ever opening inwards, light upon light

    new depth after new depth.

Guide us through strange and fearful spaces

    towards the place of your eternal dwelling

    and assure us again that in drawing closer to you

we draw closer to the heart of every living being.   Amen