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Palm Sunday

The Message: Rev. Karen Dickey 
The Music: Daniel Brandes
The Assembled: ALL OF US :-)

9:30 - Welcome Room Open: Music Play List: Bobby McFerrin 
10:00 - Karen Dickey: Welcome to our Palm Sunday Service
10:15 - Welcome and announcements: Daniel and Karen
10:28 - Gathering Song: MV #8 And on This Path, 
10:30 - Christ Candle: We encourage you - if you like - to have a candle of your own ready to light.

Opening Prayer
God of life’s awesome journey, we gather this day facing into this week we call ‘holy'.
When the sounds of celebration fade, and darkness looms large, against all our instincts, somehow, still, we call it holy. Holy amidst danger. Holy amidst anguish and dread.
Let us be open to the mystery of your way in this hour, in this week, in our lives, in the hour of our own danger and dread. Give us new strength. Awaken our unconscious faith we pray, in the name of Jesus, who walks this way before us and beside us. Amen

Song: Jesus is coming.  Pave the way with branches.

Message: Rev. Karen Dickey
Song: MV #165 There is a Time
Prayers of the People: Please enter your own prayer requests.
Blessing and sung blessing: MV # 213 Take up His Song
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RIP: Bill Withers

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