If you are wondering about the historic buildings and peaceful gardens that are home to the community of James Bay United Church here is a brief glimpse into the work and joy of the ministry team that keeps it all looking so inviting.

The following is a brief summary of the activities we were about during 2021.

1. All new LED lights were installed in the lower hall, side meeting room, kitchen, basement washrooms, upstairs reception area and washroom, Vanya’s office, Karen’s office. Martin Stewart worked tirelessly to get this job done.

2. The fire panel, bells, two smoke detectors, four fire extinguishers and batteries in several of our emergency light fixtures were replaced.

3. The area behind the thrift shop had a major clean up with an old shed removed, landscape cloth laid, and gravel spread. This hard physical work was done thanks to Alan and Franklyn, Steve and Colleen and Judy Langford.

4. The lower hall, kitchen and the two washrooms were transformed – new curtains were made, all the walls were cleaned and patched, walls and doors and trim were painted, and the floors cleaned. Thanks to Marg Lunam, Janice Edward, Frankyn Roy, Ray the Painter and Bejamin Moore for their way of moving this all forward.

5. The ramp leading up to the office wing ramp was replaced by Aryze in exchange for the use of our parking lot for delivers to their job site. Aryze gave us a great new ramp. Thanks to Steve Nichol for facilitating this partnership.

6. Throughout the growing season Janice Edward, Lorraine Mainwaring, Dave Helm, Raymond Yee and Bev Tracey all contributed to the steady work of the gardening team so that our gardens looked great well into the fall.

7. In the fall Paul Date, our resident electrician, installed new LED lights in the two stairwells and sanctuary. So now all of our interior lights are as environmentally friendly as possible.

So much has been accomplished thanks to generous gifts of time and expertise and money from a significant number of JBUC folks, and from some who are part of the wider community. We are indeed blessed to have these buildings and gardens to steward right in the heart of James Bay.

Connect with Bev Tracey if property / garden maintenance projects appeal to you.

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