Rev. Karen  Dickey
November 18, 2018
Rev. Karen Dickey
Minister. Trustee

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Reader: Kim Tadei.

Music for meditation
Welcome and Announcements

The Invitation - Mary Oliver

* O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder consider all the works thy hand hath made,
I see the stars, I hear the mighty thunder,
thy power throughout the universe displayed When through the woods and forest glades
I wander, I hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees; when I look down from lofty mountain grandeur and hear the brook and feel the
gentle breeze.
Then sings my soul, my saviour God to thee
How great thou art! How great thou art!
Then sings my soul, my saviour God to thee How great thou art! How great thou art! VU 238
~~ ~~ ~~

Open your ears O faithful people,
open your ears and hear God’s word.
Open your ears O faithful people,
God now speaks to you.
They who have ears to hear the message, they who have ears now let them hear. They who would learn the way of wisdom,
let them hear God’s word. VU 272

Psalm 104 and Job 38, 39 selected verses

sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble
O holy, holy, holy God, O God of time and space. All earth and sea and sky above bear witness to your grace. Hosanna in the highest heaven, creation sings your praise. And blessed is the one who comes to bear
your name always. MV 203
~~ ~~ ~~

*God of the sparrow, God of the whale,
God of the swirling stars,
how does your creature say Awe
how does the creature say Praise
God of the earthquake, God of the storm, God of the trumpet blast, how does the creature cry Woe
how does the creature cry Save
God of the rainbow, God of the cross,

God of the empty grave,
how does the creature say Grace
how does the creature say Thanks
God of the hungry, God of the sick, God of the prodigal,
how does the creature say Care
how does the creature say Life
God of the neighbour, God of the foe, God of the pruning hook,
how does the creature say Love
how does the creature say Peace
God of the ages, God near at hand, God of the loving heart,
how does the creature say Joy
how does the creature say Home VU 229
~~ ~~ ~~

Peonies – Mary Oliver

Day after day, night after night, you speak through everything

The Ponds – Mary Oliver

Day after day, night after night, you speak through everything

When I am among the trees – Mary Oliver

Day after day, night after night, you speak through everything

Snow Geese – Mary Oliver

Teach me God to wonder, teach me God to see, Let your world of beauty capture me. Praise to you be given, love for you be lived,
Life be celebrated, joy you give.
Let me God be ready, let me be awake, In your world of loving my place take.
Praise to you be given ... VU 299

Isaiah 44, 48 selected verses

God has spoken to the people, hallelujah!
And those words are words of wisdom, hallelujah! Hallelujah!

The Peace of Wild Things – Wendell Berry

VU 272

It finds an echo in my soul,
how can I keep from singing?
The peace of Christ make fresh my heart,
a fountain ever springing:
all things are mine since I am his,
how can I keep from singing? VU 716

Sharing the Peace of Christ

* God calls humanity to join as partners
in creating a future free of want and fear, life’s goodness celebrating, that new world beckons from afar, invites our shared endeavour, that all may have abundant life and peace endure forever. MV 143

Prayers of the People

Glory be to you O God for dappled things!
And the way the morning light breaks forth to come out and play with the stillness of the landscape. Glory be to you for fields of saffron, and flax in bloom; and aspen trees shaking the sweetest music out of their leaves; and clouds, though they are tons of water, floating in the sky. And who are we, we wonder, that you are mindful of us?
To be here is immense!
Fashioned from clay, we carry the memory of the earth. Within us are depths that keep watch.
Yet, where we have unlearned the patience and attention of lingering, Forgive us.
Where we have become haunted pilgrims addicted to distraction,

Forgive us.
Where we have turned on this world, gone crazy for power, for things,
Forgive us.
Grant us a fresh sense of the holiness of all our neighbours ... to see through your eyes the abounding goodness of your whole creation, that we may walk gently, care fiercely, touch lovingly, sow gratefully, gather reverently
all that you give into our care.
How little we desire to reach your grandeurs! How miserable we would remain if your giving was in conformity to our asking!
So this day we are bold to ask:
Hear the longings of our hearts
for ourselves ...
for nations in distress ...
for species at risk--plants animals birds fish..
for the water, the air, the soil upon which all life
depends ...
Come Holy Spirit! renew the face of the earth

These and all the prayers of our hearts we offer in the name Jesus who teaches us to pray Our Father/ Mother ...

* All your works with joy surround you, Earth and heaven reflect your rays, stars and angels sing around you, centre of unbroken praise.
Field and forest, vale and mountain, flowery meadow, flashing sea, chanting bird and flowing fountain, sound their praise eternally.
You are giving and forgiving, ever blessing, ever blessed, well-spring of the joy of living, ocean depth of happy rest!
Source of grace and fount of blessing,
let your light upon us shine,
teach us how to love each other, lift us to the joy divine. VU 232

Beginners – Denise Levertov

*We are standing on holy ground,
we are standing on holy ground.
God has called we are journey bound, standing on, standing on holy ground.
Words and music: Judy Pearson, Marc Hafso *Amen!

MV 206