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For the past six months, James Bay United and Fairfield United Churches have been working and playing together. We are discovering what we have in common and learning more about each others ministries for our neighbourhoods that border either side of Beacon Hill Park.

The joint ministry teams, with the help of an advisor, have met several times to discuss ways we can contribute to the others' work. Gordon Miller from James Bay has led music worship for a month in Fairfield's worship space. We planned and offered an Animal Blessing day in both neighbourhoods. We are offering the successful ongoing Heart Song Chant & Meditation Program and there is more to come. 

This Sunday Advent ~ 3 the James Bay United Church Sanctuary will be host to both congregations for a combined worship service. We will all be a welcome and a blessing to one another.

We have been given a gift, the opportunity for collaborative shared ministry.  We are embracing it.

See you Sunday December 15th at 10:15.