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Photo: Doug Stinson

You get a feel for it when you walk into the sanctuary of St Gregory of Nyssa Church in San Francisco. You step into this large open rotunda.  As you lift your eyes you see all these figures painted on the ceiling, joined with each other in a dance … Martin Luther, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Desmond Tutu and a great host of others past and present, all who shine with the light of God’s love– AND all, whether past or present, in God’s eternal love are now!  

Who are those people in your life?

These are the ones we remember as we come together this week, envisioning them part of our gathering, tapping into their encouragement.

We’ll begin our service lighting candles, mindful of these ones.  If you are tuning in on-line, you may wish to have some candles there with you to light. We will also be celebrating communion this Sunday, so you may also wish to have some bread and wine or juice laid out to join in that part of the service also. Plenty of ingredients this Sunday to strengthen us for these days.

Rev. Karen Dickey