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Broadview Magazine 


Hello all,

I have taken over this task from Linda Clegg, who faithfully did it for about 22 years. Thank you Linda! As a group order, we get an excellent price of only $25 per year. During the pandemic I have found it difficult to concentrate on books so have loved receiving my magazine in the mail. It has so many interesting and diverse articles that I am able to read it cover to cover each time. If you have not subscribed before, I encourage you to try it. It contains topical social issues and examines moral and ethical viewpoints that are not discussed in most publications.

Please email or call me to order or renew by March 2. Placing the order is the first step. I can collect the money after that. I will accept e transfers or cheques. Cheques should be made out to James Bay United Church for $25. E transfers can be sent to Joanne Keelan. I can make arrangements to pick up cheques if needed.

Thanks you, Joanne Keelan


Phone: 778-430-4221