A snapshot of our process at James Bay United Church to call a new minister.

  • The Rev. Karen Dickey provided a written resignation to the church board, the regional council and the Office of Vocation noting a retirement date of July 31, 2023.
  • The Rev. Karen Dickey announced her retirement date to the congregation on October 16, 2022. 
  • A committee was formed at the request of the church board to begin the process of calling a new minister to JBUC , aptly named the ‘Community of Faith Profile Team’. 
  • Committee members are Colleen Adair, Charlotte Caron, Cheryl Caldwell, Kathleen MacDonald-Date and Colleen Nichol.
  • The committee met for the first time November 9th . 
  • The regional council liaison representative provided orientation and training to the team on the processes and documentation required.
  • The committee called a congregational gathering for December 11th to receive input from the congregation. 
  • The committee met with Rev. Karen Dickey and her spouse, Bev Tracey, for input. 
  • Meetings were held by the committee from November through February to receive information and determine the ministerial needs going forward for JBUC. 
  • The team sent the draft documentation to the regional council liaison representative for review and comment before submitting it to the board.
  • The committee provided a draft to the church board February 6th. Some revisions were requested. 
  • The committee addressed the requested revisions and submitted it to the church board for a 2nd time. The updated profile was accepted, with thanks.
  • The congregation will be presented with the completed community of faith profile for their review and vote. A Congregational Meeting is booked for February 19th.
  • Once the congregation has approved the Community of Faith Profile, the full document will be uploaded to ChurchHub for the regional council review, and then published ‘live’.
  • The profile team will disband.
  • The church board will name a Search Team before the end of February to take the next steps in the call.

For more detailed information on the process required by the United Church of Canada to make a change in pastoral relations, please click on: Changing Pastoral Relations. You will also find detailed information about the Search Team, the 2nd step in our process and a short piece regarding the covenanting service to celebrate the new pastoral relationship, once a new minister has been called.

For more information on the United Church of Canada’s ChurchHub website, please click here: ChurchHub